Steve and Carolyn Bullas

I called in at the depot this lunchtime to drop off a load for Mallorca ,as I do.
It gave me the opportunity to chat with Jason, a chip off the old block, and it seems that the business and Jason are doing well.
I know it must be very difficult for you and Sandra with everything your faced with at the moment. But I do know you will be facing it head on and keeping the family together and focused.
I should imagine it has seemed a long winter for you ,in and out of hospital appointments and the cold weather, at least with spring around the corner, sunshine always helps to lift the spirits.
I was reminiscing with Carolyn that we have been using Mallorca Express Removals for 20 years and never had issues and an on time service, well done all down to you, you must feel very proud !

You take care and all our best wishes to Sandra.